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We specialize in the creation of beautiful landscapes, maintenance of gardens, lawns, tree pruning, we have a team with years of experience in the USA and Canada.

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    10 years of beautiful Landscapingin in USA and Canada.

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    We providing superior Landscapes service, quality work, and attention to detail.

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    We’ve designed low-maintenance gardens, outdoor rooms and edible landscaping

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    Improve the condition and appearance of your properties with Driveway Paving

    “Windermere Team were very helpful, punctual and honest throughout. I had numerous quotes and there was no doubt.”

    Keri Hilton

    Park Museum Curator

    “Very professional, time considerate and efficient! HIGHLY recommend, they are certified in all aspects of irrigation.”

    Thomas Willson

    Botanic Garden Executive Director

    “A truly professional company with high standards. I hired them for a tree removal of a large black olive tree.”

    Samantha Bricks

    Garden Owner

    “Windermere is one of the most professional, friendly, knowledgeable and a all around this fabulous company.”

    Joseph Larson

    Greenville Park Manager

    We Take the Time to Understand Your Goals and Your Garden Objectives.

    Landscaping design is a delight in our region. Nashville’s temperate climate opens up scores of options, from a landscape with multi-season interest to an explosion of summer color to tranquil shady spots. We understand plants and how they work together. We’ve designed low-maintenance gardens, outdoor rooms and edible landscaping, among other garden types.

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